Hiking utensils, aluminium mug

    Designed for camping and hiking meals.

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    Characteristics Designed for camping and hiking meals.
    Product Benefits
    1. Durability
      Aluminium product. Excellent shock resistance
    2. Capacity
    3. Lightweight
    • Weight
    • Dimensions
      Ø 9 x 7cm.
    • Capacity
    Product feature
    1. Maintenance tips
      Not dishwasher safe. The product may become oxidised (blacken) with use but does not present any health risks.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Frame : 100.0% Aluminium
    2. Storage advice
      Wash and dry before storing. Store in a clean and dry place.
    3. Product restrictions
      Please note: risk of scalding with hot drinks.
    4. Product catchline
      Very lightweight and durable mug.
    Product reviews
    4.2 / 5
    6 reviews
    6 users recommend this product
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    • Aluminium gets really hot

      Joscha (Australia)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      The size is good and they are perfect for hiking as they are extremely light. The handles feel a bit fragile in the beginning, but seem to be okay - they don't stay closed however as they are very loose, which makes packing the cups a bit cumbersome. Unfortunately the cups don't stack properly into each other.
      When using them for hot beverages the aluminium heats up immediately and stays hot for longer than the content. It is quite easy to burn yourself on the rim even though you are sipping a lukewarm beverage.
      Super light, seems durable
      Aluminium gets super hot, Doesn't stack properly
    • Great for stove

      Ollie (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Get very warm, then you can't drink out of it. Burns your lips!
    • Aluminium cup - ultralight dream!

      Andy (United Kingdom)
      Used for More than 1 year
      I'm an ultralight day hiker who spends much time in the Lake and Peak Districts.
      I bought one of these on a whim as it was so cheap it seemed rude not to.
      The cups primary design is, well, to be a cup, but I find metal cups not great to drink from due to them being to hot to hold or sip from.
      Coupled with a DIY lid, a folding titanium stove and some thicker wall silicone tubing on the handles [look up silicon fuel line on Amazon for remote controlled planes] this is a sub 100 gram cookset.
      I use mine with a similar sized plastic cup that it nests in, so I boil water in the metal cup and pour it into the plastic cup for a hot drink.
      Believe it or not [and you won't looking at the size] you can actually fit a full packet of Uncle Bens type rice in the cup with a tablespoon of water, put a lid on and steam on a stove. The rice will not stick or burn if you go gently.
      Ive used mine on hexamine stoves, a gas stove & all sorts of homemade meths stoves with no problems at all.
      Love it. Lighter than my titanium mug, a fraction of the cost and food doesn't stick the way it does to titanium which is pants for anything except boiling water.
      Quite thick walled so very rigid despite its low weight. I can fit my fuel, lighter, foil windscreen and a bird feeder pot stand in it so it takes up about the same room in my pack as a tennis ball would. The rolled lip and graduations are good features too at this price point.
      I don't know if you realise this Decathlon, but with this little cup you have created a hardcore ultralight hiking dream for pocket change.
      Super light, use mine for cooking small meals
    • camping mug

      Paul (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      I was wary of the coating on the handles but upto now its been ok.
      cheap and can be used for boiling water.
    • Hot tin roof

      E (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      This is a good cup and because it has foldaway handles, it is easy to store.
      However, with it being aluminium, the cup itself gets VERY hot. A boling drink takes a while to cool down. Be careful you don't burn your lips when you take a hot from it.
      Lighweight, cheap, good size
      Gets very hot
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