500 Cycling Shoe Covers- Black

    Designed for road cycling in winter

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    Characteristics Designed for road cycling in winter
    Product Benefits
    1. Waterproof
      PU with fleece lining and waterproof seams at the front
    2. Windproof
      Completely windproof fabric to keep out the cold
    3. Lightweight
      Slightly less compact than the Aerofit 700 shoe cover
    Product testing
    1. Product catchline
      protection against the cold and damp with its ultra-waterproof outer fabric and waterproof seams at the front. Fleecy interior for better thermal insulation. Reinforced at the front.
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    • B'Twin Overshoes

      Dan (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      Bought these a couple weeks ago and only had opportunity to test them out properly. On a 35mile cycle, in mild rain/wet conditions, wind chill resistance felt great however my feet were feeling wet within 20mins and waterlogged within an hour. This product is definitely NOT waterproof.
      I would say only use in dry conditions.
      Very disappointed.
      Good fit and feel, was very hopeful
      Not waterproof or even water resistant
      Response of the brand
      Dear sir,
      I'm sorry to read that the overshoes haven't kept your feet dry. Not the most pleasent experience at this time of year.
      The outerfabric itself is waterproof but it may well be that water seeped in through the outsole of your shoe. A road shoe has holes for the cleats and generally quite a lot of ventilation mesh, although I don't know which road shoe model you have.  These represent the most common entry points for moisture when riding in the wet as most of the water sprays up from the road. Water can also seep in from the ankle area. A good idea (one which I apply myself in winter) is to tape up vents and the parts of the insole near the cleats with ducktape (from the inside) and this has worked very well.  In reality, whilst overshoes are invlauable in wet weather, they can be penetrable over time but they do generally provide an effetive barrier to delay the onset of wet feet.
      This is an interesting article by on the subject of overshoes:
      Of course, if you are not satisfeid with your overshoes you are welcome to return them to us for a refund.
      Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
    • Nice Product, shame the size is over estimated!

      Jason (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      After my last 70K ride resulted in a frozen foot, I bought these to avoid this in future and Looking at the range in store these seemed to fit task. I wear size 44 Specialized Comp 2017 road shoes so naturally went for the 45-47 size. however, I tried this morning to put them on and it was impossible! much much smaller than expected so no good for me and will be returning them to store soon, didn't stop my ride but boy were my feet cold again!!!!

      TIP: Great value but buy 45-47 size overshoe if your a 40-43 size road shoe!!
      look and feel in store, value for money at till
      way smaller than stated! so cold feet again!
    • Size 45-47..? More like 43.

      Lukasz (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      Bought the largest size for my 45 size Diadora MTB shoes. I had huge trouble fitting them over the toes. Closing the zipper was impossible. WAY too small, they may fit size 43 if stretched enough. I went through a good few pairs of different overshoes and I know what a snug fit mean. This is not it.
      Very well made, seem waterproof (couldn't test)
      Wrong sizing, too small.
      Response of the brand
      I'm sorry to read that these were too tight for your shoes but they are designed for road shoes and not MTB shoes. The outsole on the MTB shoe will be much thicker. This may be one of the reasons why the fit is too tight.
      Neoprene style overshoes tend to fit MTB shoes much better and this shimano model would do the trick:
      No problem if you want to return them to us for an exchange.
      Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON